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What Is ImmuneQuest?

ImmuneQuest is an innovative educational game for college students that brings immunology to life. Designed to augment an educator’s existing curriculum, ImmuneQuest allows students to build and control a virtual immune system to defend their human host from increasingly cunning microbes. Why we created ImmuneQuest.

A New Way to Learn Immunology

Immunology is complex, and daunting to learn. For many, the way in which the immune system responds as an interconnected whole is simply lost among the vast array of detail that must be internalized. ImmuneQuest augments traditional learning by focusing the student's attention on this elegant, interconnected whole, through fun, fast-paced experiential learning. In ImmuneQuest, students control a growing repertoire of interrelated immune actions as they build and master their virtual immune system.

Advanced Learning Methodology – Learn by Doing

ImmuneQuest utilizes advanced 3D game technology to enable students to experience how the immune system works. Learning concepts are distilled into actions, feedback, and measurable metrics. While the immune characters are game-like, their interconnected immunological actions – all under the control of students – become increasingly more sophisticated to match the evolving abilities of microbial invaders. Students learn by doing.
How is mastery of the immunobiology concepts measured?


What's Inside?

ImmuneQuest divides the virtual immune system into five major parts. Each part builds on the player's previous experience across a series of 3 interactive levels, plus 3 optional, bonus levels where the cumulative lessons learned are subjected to new and unique challenges. Every level unlocks more immune system upgrades and new immune cells to help the player overcome increasingly sophisticated and stealthy microbial threats.

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Part 1: The First Responders

Begin with the most ancient evolutionary components of the innate immune system – macrophages and complement – the first to encounter microbes in the host tissues.

Part 2: Reinforcements Cometh

First responders are overrun. Signal for cellular reinforcements from the blood. Unlock voracious neutrophils and experience first-hand how these innate immune components work synergistically.

Parts 3-5 (Coming Soon)

These parts focus on immune defenses against viruses and building the adaptive immune system. By the end of Part 5, one will have mastered how all eight immune components work as an interconnected whole to defend host tissues!

Your purchase of Part 2 will help fund the development of Parts 3-5!


Original Image Courtesy: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [CC-BY]

ImmuneQuest is designed to augment college curricula in biology, immunology, bioengineering, nursing, medicine, and healthcare. ImmuneQuest can also provide an immunology component for institutions that do not retain faculty members with immunology expertise, and can be added to AP high school biology programs to further inspire students to enter the life sciences.
Why we created ImmuneQuest

Educator's Portal

ImmuneQuest measures student performance against learning objectives and provides those metrics to students –compared with their peers. We have also created a free tool for educators to observe student progress within the program and foster competition among students.
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