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Detailed List of Learning Concepts

Students build and control a virtual immune system to defend their human host from increasingly cunning microbes.

Each successive level introduces new immunity components and capabilities that enables students to create more complex immune responses. Learning by doing!

ImmuneQuest effectively captures the functional interactions between the immune functions that are difficult to convey in linear learning formats.

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Part 1: First Responders Innate Immunity Part 1

Macrophage Concepts

Complement Concepts

Host Tissue Concepts

Microbial Concepts

Part 2: Reinforcements Cometh Innate Immunity Part 2

Blood Vessel Related Concepts

Neutrophil Concepts

Macrophage Concepts

Microbial Concepts

Universal Concepts in Part 1 and Part 2

Immune System Concepts Covered in Parts 3 – 5Coming Soon!

Support through purchasing Part 2 and Bonus levels will allow us to build out Parts 3-5.

These parts focus on immune defenses against viruses and building the adaptive immune system. By the end of Part 5, one will have mastered how all eight immune components work as an interconnected whole to defend host tissues!

Part 3: Invasion from WithinViruses, MHC 1, Natural killer cells

Part 4: Building the WeaponHumoral Immunity

Part 5: Unleashing a Full ResponseCell-mediated Immunity

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