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Students build and control a virtual immune system to defend their human host from increasingly cunning microbes

Table of Contents for Educators

Part 1: First RespondersInnate immunity – first line of defense
Level 1: The SentinelsIntroduction to macrophages
Level 2: Some Assembly RequiredIntroduction to complement
Level 3: Sugar Coated NightmareMBL pathway and macrophage synergy
Bonus Levels 4, 5, and 6More practice with challenging scenarios
Part 2: Reinforcements ComethNeutrophils recruitment + more innate functions
Level 1: Calling for BackupImmune cell recruitment from blood
Level 2: Hot on the TrailChemotaxis and optimizing innate responses
Level 3: Nothin' but NETFull innate immune response
Bonus Levels 4, 5, and 6More practice with challenging scenarios
In the works... Support through purchasing Part 2 and bonus levels will allow us to build out Parts 3-5
Part 3: Invasion from WithinViruses, MHC 1, Natural killer cells
Level 1: Hidden AgendaViruses and bacteria hidden in host cells
Level 2: Please Kill MeNatural Killer Cells – killing infected host cells
Level 3: It's Getting PersonalMicrobes infect immune cells
Part 4: Building the WeaponHumoral Response
Level 1: The ClonesAntigen presentation and clonal B cells
Level 2: Tolerate ThyselfHelper T cells and tolerance
Level 3: The Antigen DanceB cells and T cells working together
Part 5: Unleashing a Full ResponseCell-mediated immunity + adaptive concepts
Level 1: Dendritic MessengersDendritic cells in antigen presentation
Level 2: Déjà vuMemory cells
Level 3: Killer TeesCytotoxic T lymphocytes