Evaluate ImmuneQuest: Click the 'Download Now' button below for free access.

Give Your Students Access: Simply have them go to ImmuneQuest.com and click "Download Now." Part 1 contains three full levels and is free. Students can purchase Part 2 from within the ImmuneQuest App. Revenues will help us accelerate the creation of Parts 3-5.

Register Your Course: Use the Educator's Portal (below) to allow your students to compete for high scores and see comprehensive performance metrics mapped to learning concepts.

Unlock More Advanced Levels: After mastering the first three levels for free, students and educators can purchase more levels for themselves through the store, accessible from within the ImmuneQuest app itself.

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Educator's Portal

Get Started in Three Simple Steps:

1) Register your Course:

Click this link to register your course with ImmuneQuest. Register as many courses as you want.

2) Give students your course code so they can register:

Students register by opening ImmuneQuest, clicking "Students," and entering your course code.

3) View Class Metrics:

You can review the progress of all your registered students via the "metrics" link associated with each course code you've created below.

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Educator's Course Registration

Register New Course:

Example: Biology 210, Fall 2014 (MWF 8am)