Frequently Asked Questions

Mac OS X Yosemite Users

I recently upgraded my Mac to OS X Yosemite (10.10), and now I get an error that says ImmuneQuest has quit unexpectedly. How do I fix this?

The new Mac OS X has introduced some new requirements that conflict with the way ImmuneQuest works. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this problem; simply download a new copy of ImmuneQuest from, or just click HERE to get started.

Now all you need to do is reinstall ImmuneQuest by copying it to the Applications folder and select the “Replace” button when prompted. Don’t worry, all your game levels, complete games and ImmuneQuest stats are safely stored in your profile and will be restored as soon as the reinstall is complete, so you can pick up again right where you left off.

For Educators

What are the steps to integrate ImmuneQuest into my course?

1. Get a Course Code for your class: To sign up your students, you'll need a course code. This is easy to generate; just go to and select the Educator's Portal. Follow the instructions to register your course and receive your course code. If you have more than one class, each one can have a separate course code.

2. Student Registration: Send your students to to download the app and give them the course code you received in step 1. When they start up ImmuneQuest, they'll just click the "Students" button on the Main Menu, and enter their full name and your course code into the space provided. That’s it!

3. Let the competition begin: You and your students can see the scores of everyone registered with your course code. To access the scores, open ImmuneQuest and click the "Students" button on the main menu; then click the "View Course Scores" button.

You can view example metrics here.

What are some tips on how to use ImmuneQuest within my course?

Ideas for how to use ImmuneQuest within your course:

  • Assign ImmuneQuest levels in order. Each level has its own learning concepts and subsequent levels build on the previous ones with more immune components and functionality.
  • Assign students to successfully complete a level with at least 2 of 5 stars. Perhaps offer extra credit if they achieve 5 of 5 stars or if they are in the top five in their class.
  • Assign additional levels so students can build on what they already know to master more complex immune functions.
As a life science educator, where can I incorporate ImmuneQuest into my curriculum?

ImmuneQuest is designed to augment the course-work of college professors and AP instructors. It can be incorporated into introductory biology courses to engage students interested in the life sciences, or be used in more focused courses in immunology and microbiology.

ImmuneQuest enables learners to experience the interconnectedness of immune components through a proven, "learn-by-doing" methodology. Essential concepts are internalized through motivated interaction. Users learn how the immune response works as an integrated system by first undertaking a series of basic, yet rewarding, interactive tasks. They then utilize what they've learned in increasingly complex situations that require them to combine their newly-acquired skills in various ways to overcome more and more difficult challenges.

As an educator, you can assign your students to play ImmuneQuest and know that they will not be able to overcome the challenges posed for them in each level without internalizing at least the most basic aspects of the immune components covered within it. For instance, users must comprehend the basic functions of the complement cascade to 'win' Level 2 in Part 1.

Educators interested in exposing the biological concepts behind the interactivity will find plenty succinct, college-level scientific content in ImmuneQuest as well. Every newly-discovered concept and immune character ability is reinforced with "How it Works" texts, images and diagrams. Players are encouraged to investigate this information by tying special in-game bonuses and 'power ups' to their understanding of the concepts covered.

Finally, educators that register their courses through the Educators' page of ImmuneQuest website will have access to detailed metrics covering each student's interactions with the software at every level. (Please see the Educator's Portal page for more information on the benefits of course registration.)

How is mastery of immunobiology concepts measured?

Mastery is the ability to apply the learning concepts in a virtual immune response appropriate for the microbe threats presented. Learn by doing!

Each level maps a set of learning concepts to specific interactions within the virtual immune system which are then measured in real time as the learner progresses through the level. The detailed metrics at the end of the level report how well the learner did on each measured learning concept. By design, those that master the most concepts will not only have higher individual metric scores but also a higher overall score since they managed their immune response in a more optimal way.

More information and example data

How can I track student progress in ImmuneQuest?

ImmuneQuest provides a free, built-in metrics' service to track student progress. Register your course through the Educators' page of the ImmuneQuest website, and share your course code with your students. They will then be able to compete for high scores and you and the students can see detailed metrics across all the learning concepts in ImmuneQuest!

You can view example metrics here.

For Students

How do I take part in an ImmuneQuest-linked course?
  1. Get ImmuneQuest: Download to PC/Mac via "Download Now" button above. Tablet access coming soon!
  2. Get a Course Code: Your instructor will generate a unique course code through the Educators' page and provide you and your classmates with this code. It will be a short series of letters and numbers (capitalization doesn't matter).
  3. Register: You can then enter this code into the Students panel inside ImmuneQuest (click the "Students" button while in the main menu). You will also be asked to provide your name. Your instructor can then see your individual progress and you can compare your scores with your classmates by clicking the "View Course Scores" button.
I'm not much of a gamer. Will I be able to play ImmuneQuest?

Absolutely! ImmuneQuest has been specifically designed to be easy to use by players of all 'gamer' skill levels. That's why ImmuneQuest is a turn-based strategy game; so you can learn and explore at your own pace and never have to feel rushed to make a decision.

The first level of ImmuneQuest integrates a simple, step-by-step tutorial that guides you through all the essential interactions and interfaces that you'll encounter over and over as you continue to play. Once you're familiar with these basic game skills you'll be able to take on every other ImmuneQuest level, and focus all your attention on learning about immunology and defeating those obnoxious microbes!

About the Software

How much does it cost?

Part 1 – "The First Responders" – is ABSOLUTELY FREE. This includes 3 complete levels, with no in-app purchase or "pay to win" gimmicks.

Bonus levels, and ImmuneQuest Part 2, "Reinforcements Cometh," are available for purchase any time via the Store button.

Your purchase of additional levels will help fund development of ImmuneQuest Parts 3-5, which introduce even more immune components to combat a horde of nasty new microbes.

Will ImmuneQuest work on my computer?

If your PC or Mac is less than five years old, then the answer is almost certainly, "YES!"

ImmuneQuest is a modern, turn-based strategy game built on a 3D graphics engine. It's designed to work with MS Windows Vista, 7 or 8, and Mac OS X version 10.7 or newer. So as long as your computer is running one of these operating systems and supports 3D graphics, it should have no trouble running ImmuneQuest.

(Tablet users take note: there are currently iPad and Android versions of ImmuneQuest in the works.)

When can I play ImmuneQuest on my tablet?

A prototype of ImmuneQuest for tablets is already running on the iPad and Android devices here at Syandus. The final version is slated for release in 2015.

When will Parts 3, 4 and 5 be available?

Preliminary designs for future ImmuneQuest Parts and Levels are already in the works. These will cover the rest of the innate immune components (featuring Natural Killer Cells, plus many more upgrades to the Macrophages, Neutrophils and Complement), Dendritic cells, as well as the adaptive immune system (antigen presentation, clonal selection, tolerance, memory, etc), including B-cells, helper T-cells, and cytotoxic T-cells.

The pace at which new Levels are developed and released will depend heavily on the revenues and feedback that are generated from Parts 1 and 2. So if you like ImmuneQuest, be sure to spread the word!

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